TrackingWhat we are looking to accomplish:-

Trackdriver is a fast and easy to use driver directory which aims at keeping employment records of a driver throughout his career. It is intended to streamline the honest, hardworking and sincere drivers/employees from those that are often looking to exploit the system.

This registry aims to keep all drivers working in South Africa and the continent on one database, thus giving the supply chain the added advantage of knowing drivers.Clients tend to  trust truck drivers with millions of rands in cargo, without knowing their background. We believe that working together with Truckers/Owners/Clearing Agents/Shipping Lines or any company involved in logistics, we will be able to have drivers change their attitude towards their jobs.

Say Good bye to the drivers that cause you unnecessary expenses and take the easy way out. Say Good bye to drivers who are continuously changing jobs at your expense. Take control of the situation today and register your driver onto Trackdriver…